About Surven

Key features of Surven

For teachers

  • Surven is very easy to administrate. Pick a name for your class and just send out a link to your students and you are on your way! Every class get their own page where it is easy to monitor every students' progress in the overview.
  • In Surven, it is easy to see which students are struggling and with what. Just click on the individual student in the class overview to get more detailed information on that particular student.
  • The assignments are built on each other and gives a step-by-step learning of arithmetics. As teacher for a class, you can let your students learn according to the built-in plan or you can skip parts or change the order as you like.
  • The concept works well with or without screens.

For students

  • Surven is a fun way to learn basic arithmetics where you learn to understand every step you take in the process!
  • With Surven you can learn math wherever you are using your phone, computer or tablet.
  • Using Surven, it is easy to automate the basic arithmetic operations.
  • By gaining stars, beating your own highscore and getting to the next level, it is easy to stay motivated!
  • By using our concept, you will only need to learn half the number of combinations compared to if you were working in a more traditional way!
  • Research show that knowledge that you have understood is easier to remember than pure facts.

About the method

Surven is based on scientific research made by Wiggo Kilborn at the university of Gotheburg. The site is a digital version of a method to learn basic arithmetics using Winnetka-cards and additional materials. The method is well tested and has been used with good results in several municipalities in Sweden. All students in Kungsbacka in year 2 used the method under the KUR project that was funded by Skolverket and lead by Leif Maerker, at the time active at the University of Linköping.

The beauty of Surven is that you can work with it on a computer/tablet/smartphone as well as with the paper cards. That way the method will work for schools with limited amounts of digital screens and for those students who doesn't have access to one at home. The student must pass a checkpoint after each part that he/she has worked with to test the fluency of that part before going to the next step. The illustration material that will give a deeper and wider understanding of what the student work with will in a later stage be converted into digital form. There will also be a suitable material on the side to increase the interest of basic mathematics.

Surven is supposed to be used over a longer period of time in grade 2-3. However, it works very well for older students who want to brush up on their basic math skills and doesn't have to to be linked to a school.

We at Astecon Utbildning AB want Surven to be as easy as possible to use for students, teacher and parents. Our main focus when we made the digital method is user-friendliness. It takes about a minute for an educator to fill in the required information and invite the students in the class to attend. The students' parents fill in the child's information themselves when they approve that their children use the website.

Our goal is to make math fun for everyone. We got our own score system to motivate students with stars and score as they can see their progress going forward. Stars can be gathered within each school class to gain rewards by teacher choice. Examples would more freetime, icecream, fieldtrip after achieving some amount of stars.

We hope if you didn't already like math, you will now!

Coming soon

This site is under development!

Things might change during the development of the site depending on which good ideas we get and the great ideas you users will submit to us. The plan for now however is the following:

Version 2.0

Here we will focus on the teachers' experience. You guys are great, you earned this! The idea is to make the administration as easy as possible in order to give you guys time to do what you do best, teach. Here we will add more features aimed at the teacher such as allowing them to highligt a deck for the homework of the week, get better information on individual students, add more guidance on how best to use this tool and so on.

Version 2.1

Here we plan to add instructional films and additional material around mathematics available to both educators and students.

Later versions

In the future we have all kinds of ideas on what to add. We are thinking of adding some kind of theme, possibly a pirates theme because who doesn't love pirates! The class can cooperate and collect stars in order to open treasure chests and discover new islands. Perhaps the kids can buy cool accessories to their own pirate for the stars they earn. We have tons of ideas and we will see what we will implement. Even more importantly, we hope you guys have even better ideas that we would like to hear!

Add Surven to your homescreen!

When you add Surven to your homescreen, it creates a PWA (Progressive Web App). It's not actually a real app but works in the same way, and you don't need to type the address in the browser every time.