Getting started as student

As student you can jump right to the action by pressing "Play". But if you want your result to be saved you have to create an account.

You can still save your progress if you decide to start playing before creating an account, just hit "Save progress" to create an account and your progress will be saved. Or head back here and create your account.

If you create an account here, you can always link it to a school class later on.

Use the shortcuts here to get started.

If you like Surven, let your teacher know about it. Hopefully the teacher will also like it. If that happens, you and your friends can be in same school class to work for a mutual goal.

Add Surven to your homescreen!

When you add Surven to your homescreen, it creates a PWA (Progressive Web App). It's not actually a real app but works in the same way, and you don't need to type the address in the browser every time.