Integrity policy


This page intends to detail the policy that Astecon Utbildning AB applies to management of personal information, and such data that in any way could be connected to you as a person. We want you to understand why we store your information and that we do it in a safe manner.

The integrity policy has several purposes:
  • To explain to you how we use the information that you share with us, so that we can provide the services and funtions that we do.
  • To ensure that you understand what information we manage, with your consent and what we do and don't do with it.
  • Make sure you are informed and that we are held responsible for protecting your rights and your integrity under the policy.


Storage of data within the European Union

All user data used by Surven is stored on servers located inside the European Union. Currently our servers are located in Falkenberg, Sweden. We might move the location of our servers in the future but we will not use any servers outside of EU. We will not pass any data outside of the EU for processing either.

The purpose for and use of your information

Astecon Utbildning AB collects information from you in order to differentiate users, their settings and results, as well as group users in school classes. We do this to make usage easier for all parties. In order for us to do this you first have to give us your consent for the management of your information. This normally happens when an account is registered at the website, but can also be added and removed under settings for your account. The consent entails that Astecon Utbildning AB can manage your information within the scope of this purpose, as well as appointed users that may take part of certain information (for example pedagogues that manage a school class with students). In principle it's Astecon Utbildning AB that is accountable for management of your personal information and decides the reasons and terms for the management.

Astecon Utbildning AB is accountable for the management of personal information that is done for the purpose of, in a security aspect, all types of maintenance of the registers in it's charge. For example to update or remove information if the user wishes. In practical terms this means that no personal information will be managed more than what is necessary and only during the period in which the person has an account on the website.

Information in our registers

When you create an account and/or login we will ask for information such as username, password, e-mail address and name. Now and then we will also ask for information that is voluntary to give, for example; where you live. These bits of information is as mentioned voluntary to give and will be used to create general statistical reports and will not be linked to as an individual. In some cases we will also collect information about how the system is used (what's done, how fast etc.). This is done to be able to adapt the game experience and put the challange at an appropriate level as well as tracking progression. In part we do this so that the pedagogue can use the information to monitor the progress made as well as potential difficulties that needs to be followed up. The information could possibly also be used to improve the website and even in studies. In the latter cases the information will only be used in anonymized form. User information such as username and e-mail address is stored so results can be saved on an individual level and so we can reach you by e-mail in case your password needs to be reset or if the pedagogue sends out messages or homework. We reserve ourselves the right to possibly also send out information about our other educational products as well.

Integrity and security

The fact that your information is safe with us is important to us. To make sure that the personal information we manage is safe and secure we take as comprehensive measures as organisationally and technically possible and practical in both Astecon Utbildning AB's and your perspective. The personnel that is going to manage your personal information has been instructed to do so according to to all applicable rules and regulations.

We will share your personal information with a third party if it is required by law or regulation, but never in higher extent than necessary.

Your rights

In accordance with current personal information regulation you have the right to once per calendar year, free of charge, request to know what personal information about you that we manage. If you would like to get this information you need to send a written request to us. Such a request can be sent to Astecon Utbildning AB, Lindholmspiren 3A, 417 56 Göteborg If you should discover that your information is incorrect or isn't managed according to regulation you have the right to require the information to be corrected, blocked or removed. You can at any time choose to withdraw your consent to our management of your personal information. A withdrawal of consent can lead to you not being able to login, play or take part in school class activities.

Details the personal information that we manage that has been given to you, in the case where we are responsible for the information, is limited to the usage described above.

Changes and updates

We are constantly working to make sure that the management of your personal information is made in accordance with the current regulations and thus we reserve the right to at any time change and/or update this policy. When significant changes are made, we will notify you about it, in a suitable way.

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